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Full container export

It has a service network at home and abroad, providing customers with one-stop logistics services such as purchasing, booking space, customs clearance, transferring customs, warehousing, freight insurance, various certificates consulting

Full container import

According to the client's entrustment, ocean import undertakes FOB, port to port agent or business before and after the arrival of import. Assist customers to make out all kinds of documents, booking space, customs declaration, warehousing, transshipment consulting


LCL outlet

If the weight / volume of the goods is greater than 0.75, it will be calculated according to the weight price. On the contrary, if it is less than 0.75, it will be calculated as light goods consulting

LCL import

The consignor shall provide the freight forwarder with a complete set of import documents; the forwarder shall find out which shipping company carries the goods, which shipping agent operates the goods consulting


Special cabinet

Focus on the export service of special cabinets (open top cabinets, frame boxes, split lifting, tank boxes) and heavy goods. Every year for customers to operate thousands of special goods consulting

Loose groceries

The main import commodities of bulk commodities are: coal, mineral sand, grain, fertilizer, feed, barley and other products, while coke and bauxite are exported. consulting


water transportation

Mainly engaged in the Pearl River Delta to the domestic coastal container (door to door) services, river barges and services. In China, it has formed a covering Heilongjiang consulting

international air transport

We have a high-quality and experienced team, which is good at organizing the service of large-scale project engineering equipment, large pieces and out of gauge goods consulting

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Huicheng (Shanghai) supply chain Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huicheng supply chain") was founded in November 2015. It is jointly established by logistics enterprises, Internet enterprises and ERP software providers in the international logistics industry. Relying on technology and operation resources, it has become a logistics scheme design platform integrating informatization and automation in the industry.
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