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         Huicheng (Shanghai) supply chain Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huicheng supply chain") was founded in November 2015. It is jointly established by logistics enterprises, Internet enterprises and ERP software providers in the international logistics industry. Relying on technology and operation resources, it has become a logistics scheme design platform integrating informatization and automation in the industry. Up to now, the company has 35 shipping companies such as MSK, CMA, MSC, COSCO, EMC, YML, APL, etc. it is the agent of 28 airlines such as Ca, Ba, SQ, JL, TK, ey, EK, TG, QR, UA, NH, etc., providing international logistics services for customers.

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The vision of Huicheng supply chain is to build a product driven, socialized and collaborative international logistics scheme design and supply chain platform. It is an Internet technology enterprise based on Internet thinking, Internet technology and user demand judgment. It is committed to providing services that traditional logistics enterprises and e-commerce enterprises can not achieve, but the future social logistics system needs, That is to establish an open, shared and socialized logistics infrastructure platform on the basis of the existing logistics formats, which can realize the international logistics service scheme and service cost automatically generated through the retrieval and judgment conditions of Huicheng online platform.

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